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NOTE: Buckie ward was uncontested, meaning no vote was held. This will impact vote share significantly. In 2017, Buckie was an SNP led ward.

The seat held at Westminster by Conservative leader Douglas Ross, Moray should have been a key battleground. It ended up the most outright bizarre election in Scotland, even before a single vote was cast. Despite having 10 councillors elected in 2017, the SNP only stood 9 candidates, of which they then elected 8. I’m told by sources they struggled to find willing candidates, with women in particular blaming the local political culture. That meant the Buckie ward, with a retiring Independent, went uncontested.

That then did two things. First, it led to a surprise seat for the Lib Dems, who’d otherwise never have been elected. Secondly, I noted before the election that given it was the SNP’s strongest ward in Moray, it would impact their ability to take a vote lead over the Conservatives. That’s exactly what happened, with the Conservatives squeaking ahead on the vote, as well as gaining three councillors for a final haul of 11.

Underlying that was another peculiarity I’d mentioned pre-election – the complete evaporation of Moray’s Independents. Of the 8 elected in 2017, only 2 were standing again, and those were the only Independents elected. That sent 16% of the vote flying every which way as well. That may have helped contribute to a very good result for Labour, who experienced a positive swing of 8% and gained two more councillors, giving them 3. Rounding things out, the Greens managed to pick up a seat in their strongest ward, even with a different candidate to the last two elections. 


After the election, a Conservative minority administration was formed.

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Moray is in many respects quite similar to neighbouring Aberdeenshire. Like Aberdeenshire, it’s somewhat different to the historic county, having lost the Cromdale are to Highland but absorbing the geographic bulk of what used to be Banffshire. And it similarly combines fishing communities along the coast with agricultural hinterland. However, the local character is also shaped by two other major sectors – the Speyside whisky distilleries and the military presence at Kinloss and Lossiemouth.

Politically, Moray has long been a clear SNP-Conservative battleground. The old Moray and Nairn seat was won by one of the SNP’s biggest names, Winnie Ewing, in 1974, and though they lost the area in 1979, they regained it in 1987 and held it for three decades. Their loss here in 2017 was particularly dramatic, as it removed their Westminster group leader Angus Robertson from office. In his place was now-leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross, though he himself hung on by his fingernails in 2019. At Holyrood however the seat has never been anything but SNP.

Throughout the previous local government era, voters consistently elected Independent councils, though after the SNP had took the Westminster seat they came close to winning the council too. At the shift to unitary governance, the SNP took a clear majority for a term, before losing to Independents again for two elections – and indeed, winning fewer seats than Labour despite many more votes.

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