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Overall 2022 Result

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NOTE: Two wards were uncontested, meaning no vote was held. This will impact vote share significantly, with Labour votes, and lower Green and SNP shares. The uncontested wards were North Isles and Shetland North. North Isles will require a by-election due to a vacancy.

The council second-worst afflicted with uncontested wards this year, with two wards going without elections, and one requiring an immediate by-election to fill a vacancy. In contested wards, Independents naturally reigned supreme, winning a total of 19 seats, down 2 compared to last time. I expect after the by-election in North Isles they’ll only be down by one.

After a taste of party councillors again last term when the SNP got one in via an uncontested ward, Shetland is at its most party-political since the final FPTP election in 2003. The Greens stood most widely, and picked up their first ever Shetland councillor in the same ward the SNP were elected in – I’d say re-elected, if it hadn’t been uncontested last time! Labour also have their first councillor elected since 1994, though we don’t know how he’d have fared at a contested election.


As a majority-Independent council, it can be assumed an Independent administration will be formed. The following chart does not necessarily reflect the actual composition of that administration, and simply treats Independents as a single bloc.

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By far the most northern (and eastern) part of Scotland, Shetland is even more renowned than Orkney for the Nordic influence on its identity. Non-Shetlanders will probably be pretty familiar with Up Helly Aa, a festival of fire (and Vikings) held every winter. Folk are also usually keenly aware of the strong ties to the oil industry. Most of the population live on the mainland island, and about half of those in Lerwick.

In political terms, Shetland is part of that combined Westminster constituency with Orkney, that should it ever be won by anyone bar the Lib Dems may indicate sub-zero temperatures in hell. At the Shetland-only seat for the Scottish Parliament the Lib Dems have proven similarly resilient, though the 2021 election saw it become a marginal against the SNP. Anecdata from the 2015 UK election suggested whilst the Lib Dems had a strong lead in Orkney, the SNP had led in Shetland – so whilst the joint constituency may be a watchsign for the apocalypse, Shetland alone may be shakier.

Throughout recent history Shetland, like other islands, has been majority Independent, but it’s also had periods of other strong local groups. Labour tended to be well represented through the 80’s, and from the late 80’s the autonomist Shetland Movement had a sizeable group. By the late 90’s the Lib Dems were winning a fair rake of seats too.

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