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One of the biggest shocks of the day came from where I grew up, as Labour swept the board with four extra councillors, giving them 12 and an unexpected majority. Although the SNP did increase their vote share, they lost one of their seats to finish with 9. The Conservatives meanwhile were completely wiped out, losing both of their seats, and making this their only council on the mainland with no representation and with a vote share below 10%.

With the one remaining Independent retiring, the only other representation on the council comes in the form of West Dunbartonshire Community Party, and their stalwart local councillor Jim Bollan. Interestingly enough however, this is the first time in the STV era Bollan hasn’t been elected on first preferences alone and needed transfers. Smaller parties had basically no presence, with only a single candidate from the Greens, and no Lib Dem or Alba candidates at all.


Labour were elected as a majority administration.

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If it wasn’t for my general dislike of how large Scotland’s councils are, I’d say this was the best in the country. However, I long for the day the Vale of Leven is free of Dumbarton’s tyrannical reign. And yes, the town is Dumbarton but county is Dunbarton. I’m afraid the good people of my home shire live to confuse. Being faintly silly about my homeland aside, this is one of many classic Central Belt councils, bringing together a string of formerly industrial towns along the rivers Clyde and Leven. Despite the name, this isn’t actually the westernmost portion of classical Dunbartonshire, as the Helensburgh and Lomond area opted to join Argyll & Bute in the 90’s reorganisation.

That naturally gave the area a strong Labour bent for most of the 20th Century. At the Scottish Parliament that has continued to the present day, with the (Helensburgh inclusive) Dumbarton constituency one of just two that remain in Labour’s hands, whilst the Clydebank end is covered by a seat that went to the SNP in 2011. As with almost everywhere else the SNP also picked up the Westminster constituency in 2015.

Despite lack of parliamentary impact pre-2011, the SNP did have enough of a base here that I have very strong childhood memories of their election placards festooning streets around the Vale in the 90’s and early 00’s. Labour nonetheless were typically the largest party in both districts that became West Dunbartonshire, though in 1977 the SNP took the lead in Clydebank and Labour came third in Dumbarton. Labour would go on to hold clear majorities through the final FPTP years in the new council.

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