Proportional Representation

Long Read – Ballot Box Britain: GE 2017 Under PR

As something a bit different for a pre-Election long read, I take one last look back at the 2017 General Election. It’s a rare whole-UK moment for Ballot Box Scotland, as we take a trip through the alternate reality of having used Proportional Representation instead of First Past the Post the last time we elected the House of Commons. […]

Polling and Projections

YouGov, 29th Nov-3rd Dec 2019

With just a week to go until the General Election, YouGov have very kindly obliged us with another poll that folk can use to frantically lead those last-minute runes. It also includes Holyrood voting intention which is this project’s bread […]

Polling and Projections

Panelbase, 20th-22nd Nov 2019

Bit of a surprise Polling and Projections post this one, off the back of Panelbase’s poll from the 20th to 22nd. I only do these posts when there’s Holyrood data, and the initial release of data was entirely Westminster and […]