Short Quotes

I am happy to provide short quotes on polling and elections for free, so long as these are appropriately attributed both to me personally and to the Ballot Box Scotland project as a whole.


If you are interested in a full article or comment piece, I am available for commissions. A list of Ballot Box Scotland appearances in the media can be found below as an example. You can get in touch via email at with any commissioning requests or other questions.

Please bear in mind that Ballot Box Scotland does not take partisan positions. Whilst I am happy to discuss the past, present or current polling and election performance of a specific party or constitutional position, this will never take the form of arguing in support or opposition.

I do, however, take very public positions about issues affecting how our democracy functions, such as Electoral Reform and Local Government reorganisation. I’m much happier to contribute pieces that fall on one side of an issue in those cases.

If a quote or article is accompanied by a photograph, up-to-date pictures are available on the About page (and should be credited appropriately to the photographer, Christian Gamauf).

Ballot Box Scotland in the Media

Whenever Ballot Box Scotland makes a significant appearance in the media, I’ll add it to this list. (Unless I get really popular and I’m popping up everywhere – you never know!)