August 13, 2022

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Local Elections 2022

LE22: Visualising Scotland

What’s an election without a good map? Here at Ballot Box Scotland, we’ve got more maps than you can shake a stick at, and here’s a few more to finally wrap up Local Election 2022 coverage. […]

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Poll Analysis: ComRes 23rd – 28th of June 2022

As the First Minister fires (or, perhaps, misfires) the starting gun for a prospective second Independence referendum, polling finds the constitutional question remains firmly stuck on an almost even split. Labour meanwhile continue to cement their position as second most popular party ahead of beleaguered Conservatives. […]



By-Election Results: Eilean Siar Double

The first by-elections of 2022, unfinished business from May, easily elected two Independents, though the Lib Dems emerged with a surprise second place in their first CNES appearance since 2007. […]


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