July 19, 2024
  • UK General Election 2024: Headline Results

    UK General Election 2024: Headline Results

    It was all change in Scotland at this election, as Labour experienced a stunning revival that almost completely restored their pre-referendum glory, whilst the SNP collapsed into single-digit seats, the Conservatives barely clung on, and the Lib Dems overachieved. [...]
  • UK General Election 2024 Hub

    UK General Election 2024 Hub

    Everything you need to know about GE24 in Scotland including polling, the impacts of boundary changes, and in-depth analysis as the 4th of July approaches. [...]

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Proportional Representation

Long Read – Ballot Box Britain: GE24 Under PR

After the most unrepresentative and disproportionate election in the UK’s democratic history, what would it have looked like if we actually ensured people’s votes counted? The answer is more of a Traffic Light than a Red Alert. […]

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By-Election Result: Tain and Easter Ross (2024)

The sad passing of a popular local Independent couldn’t give any other result except the election of a new Independent, but some recovery compared to last year made this a rare bright spot for the SNP lately. […]


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