Throwing Stones in Crumbling Legislatures…

Silly season came early to Scottish political Twitter, as charges of living in a “One Party State” started to appear. These mostly came from outwith Scotland, and the reaction from academics, journalists and politicians here has been absolute exasperation. Ballot Box Scotland was not immune to that feeling… […]

Proportional Representation

Long Read – Ballot Box Britain: GE 2019 Under PR

Having worked out a simple PR model for the 2017 election just before GE19, it was easy to slot the numbers from this year in too. In an election notable for its tactical voting and heavily distorted result, I imagine a possible alternative to Westminster’s antiquated, unfair and fundamentally undemocratic voting system. […]

Proportional Representation

Long Read – Ballot Box Britain: GE 2017 Under PR

As something a bit different for a pre-Election long read, I take one last look back at the 2017 General Election. It’s a rare whole-UK moment for Ballot Box Scotland, as we take a trip through the alternate reality of having used Proportional Representation instead of First Past the Post the last time we elected the House of Commons. […]

Behind the Scenes

The Overhang Oddity

In my polling and projection posts, I’m finding myself quite regularly referring to a concept called “overhang“. This is a quirk of mixed electoral systems like the Additional Member System (AMS) we use for the Scottish Parliament and similar systems […]