Welcome to Ballot Box Scotland

Hello and welcome to Ballot Box Scotland! This site is intended to be part “Scotland Elects” (if you’re familiar with Britain Elects) and part election results database. You can find out more about the site and progress on features here.

For today’s launch, a post later will take a look at the upcoming council by-election in Falkirk. And on the results front there’s a complete run down of the Scottish parliament – from current seats and the electoral system, to full results from the 2016 election and polling for the next one.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be doing the same for the 2017 UK Parliament and Scottish Council elections. And it wouldn’t be a Scottish politics website without keeping tabs on the small matter of independence. I’m hoping this serves as a useful and informative resource for others, as well as a place for me to nerd out about elections!

This project is obviously still in its early stages – hence being a subdomain of my personal site for now. So if you have any problems, suggestions or questions, then please do get in touch with me on allan@ballotbox.scot.