EU Elections

EU Elections 2019 – Key Battlegrounds Part 1

After one of the most acrimonious elections the UK has yet seen, polls closed in the unexpected EU Elections yesterday. But with votes unable to be counted until the rest of the EU finishes voting on Sunday night, you might have an elections itch you can’t quite scratch. […]

EU Elections

The Final Countdown

We’re now just one week away from the elections that weren’t meant to happen. Next Thursday the 23rd of May, voters in Scotland and across the UK will go to the polls to elect members to the European Parliament to serve for… weeks? Months? Years? […]


By-Election Results May 2019

North East (Dundee) Dundee’s North East by-election was one I had down as a meaningful yet dull contest. Coming about in unfortunate circumstances with the death of Labour councillor Brian Gordon, this was a ward where the SNP had never […]

Polling and Projections

YouGov, 23rd-25th April 2019

After nearly a year’s absence, YouGov have finally re-emerged with an absolute peach of a Scottish poll. All three parliaments plus the first proper Independence VI since December, making it almost worth the wait. […]