Local Elections 2022

LE22: A Proportional Pickle

A long-standing BBS bugbear is that STV isn’t quite the proportional dream many claim it to be, even if it’s far better than FPTP. This piece looks at how different things could be with a more proportional system. […]

Polling and Projections

Poll Analysis: YouGov 18th – 23rd of May 2022

Slightly delayed coverage of a poll that continues to show positive figures for the SNP-Green government, whilst Labour cement their current second place against struggling Conservatives. The unsettled constitutional question begins to look more settled this time, with figures fitting to the 2014 status quo. […]

Local Elections 2022

LE22: The Precarious Position of Local Government

The Shape of Scotland in 2022 Composition of Administrations Today marks four weeks on from the 2022 local elections, and every council in Scotland now has an administration in place. With proportional representation making majorities (rightly) difficult, a certain degree […]