This page tracks opinion on Scottish Independence since the last Scottish Parliament election in May 2016. The gap between then and the 2014 Referendum is not unimportant, this is just about keeping a consistent baseline on this website.

The 5-poll average is an arbitrary measure that is provided to give some sense of how support is shifting over time. In countries with more regular polling, something like a 30-day average might be used, but given Scotland is lucky to see one poll a month outside of election campaign periods, we have to make do.

Headline Figures

This includes all three (or the three main, depending on if a poll counts refusals) options – Yes, No and Don’t Know. It’s generally wise to make sure that on this particular issue, you are aware of how many Don’t Knows there are, and don’t simply rely on the Yes-No figures when those are excluded.

Excluding Don't Knows

These will be the pure Yes-No figures you will often see reported. Whilst that is useful information, on a binary question like this, it has to be taken with some caution. Please make sure to bear the Don’t Knows from the above chart in mind.