Local Elections 2022

LE22: Diving into the Detail

In the (just over a) week since the local elections, I’ve been plugging away at data collation. All 32 councils now have their headline figures for both votes and seats up on dedicated pages, linked to from an overall results […]

Local Elections 2022

LE22: The Headline Results

This year’s local elections delivered a lukewarm result for the SNP, whilst Labour reclaimed second place from a beleaguered Conservative party. The Lib Dems also made solid gains, and the Greens delivered an expectation-busting record result. […]

Polling and Projections

Poll Analysis: ComRes 26th of April – 3rd of May 2022

On the eve of local elections, the Conservatives’ worst poll since last year’s Holyrood ballot doesn’t bode well for Douglas Ross. Labour show their strongest second place in recent months, whilst Greens return to a record high. The Lib Dems reach their highest list vote of the term, contrasting with the SNP’s lowest. […]