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Overall 2022 Result

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The SNP emerged from this election exactly where they were in 2017, with 27 seats, though on a small positive vote swing. Labour meanwhile had a slightly higher increase and were able to add two to their tally for 24 councillors. A big dip in Conservative support contributed to their group halving, with only 7 returning.

It was a good result for the Lib Dems, pulling off a treble. One of those included a defecting Conservative in Hamilton West and Earnock, and I’ll admit to being caught off guard at that re-election. Speaking of being caught off guard, the Greens also managed to pick up a seat in East Kilbride East. That’s long been their best bit of the council, but I’d thought of it as more of a 2027 prospect, due to the disproportionality of 3-member wards. They proved my assessment overly pessimistic. 2 Independents, formerly a Labour and SNP councillor respectively, were elected too. 


After the election, a Labour-Lib Dem minority administration was formed. Reports are that it also includes the support of at least one Independent councillor – for the time being, both have been included as part of the administration below.

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Compared to its northern counterpart, South Lanarkshire features more in the way of internal contrasts, both demographic and political. The overwhelming majority of the population is found in a small corner of the council nearest Glasgow, including Hamilton, East Kilbride, Cambuslang and Rutherglen – the former two having been the centre of districts and the latter two part of Glasgow from the 70’s to the 90’s. This area is par for the Central Belt course. By contrast, the now quite small county town of Lanark itself was the centre of a big rural Clydesdale district home to a large number of scattered towns.

Nonetheless, most of this area had firmly settled into Labour hands by the mid-20th century, with Rutherglen the longest lived Conservative holdout. That Labour dominance was broken briefly albeit dramatically with Winnie Ewing’s famous victory for the SNP in the 1967 Hamilton by-election. This was the start of her party’s unbroken representation at Westminster, though it’d take until 2015 to win an MP in the area again – and Labour would briefly regain one of those seats in 2017. Change came earlier at the Scottish Parliament, with all constituencies bar Rutherglen going SNP in 2011, and Rutherglen itself flipping in 2016.

In the former districts, East Kilbride proved an early centre of SNP support, with a plurality in 1974 and majority in 1977, before clear Labour majorities for the remainder of its existence. Hamilton on the other hand was consistently Labour, whilst Clydesdale was Independent leaning for the first three and Labour for the last three elections. The advent of the current South Lanarkshire council in the 90’s then led to a period of clear Labour majorities.

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