By-Election Results March 2018

Two by-elections in March this year, in somewhat similar places – in small, historically industrial council areas, that once were heavily Labour but have leaned SNP for the past few years. Not even the Beast from the East could stop […]


By-Election Results February 2018

It’s been less than a year since they were elected, but Scotland’s Councils are already seeing a slew of by-elections. Unfortunately, too many come about following the deaths of sitting councillors. Unpleasant circumstances in which to call a ballot, democracy […]

Polling and Projections

Survation, 24-28th of January 2018

Last night, Survation released a pretty comprehensive batch of Scottish polling for the Daily Record. That gives me the opportunity for the first polling and projections post in this project! Before we get into that though, let’s look at some of […]

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to Ballot Box Scotland

Hello and welcome to Ballot Box Scotland! This site is intended to be part “Scotland Elects” (if you’re familiar with Britain Elects) and part election results database. You can find out more about the site and progress on features here. For […]