Polling and Projections

Poll Analysis: Survation 28th – 29th of September 2022

As is tradition, we wait for two weeks of intense, dramatic UK political events before we get any Scotland-only polls, and three come along at once. The first of these to finish fieldwork finds hands down the strongest Labour figures since before the 2015 General Election, and Greens tied on seats with the Conservatives. […]

Local Elections 2022

BBS EXCLUSIVE Local Election 2022 Poll: Survation 24th – 28th of March 2022

Part two of BBS’ exclusive and first-ever poll finds the SNP could be on track for a record local result – but almost invisible Independents and weak Greens suggest a poll worth taking with a barrel of salt. Voters generally find their local councils effective, and largely think they are the right size. […]

Polling and Projections

BBS EXCLUSIVE Poll Analysis: Survation 24th – 28th of March 2022

BBS’ first ever poll finds Labour’s best polling of the term so far, putting them well clear of the Conservatives in both parliaments. The constitutional question continues to tilt narrowly towards the Union, whilst questions on the voting system show strong support for PR at Westminster and ending Scotland’s odd “three systems, one country” status. […]

Polling and Projections

Poll Analysis: Survation 23rd – 26th of April 2021

A rather belated release of data from Survation finally has them breaking their lonely trend of Labour placing second, slotting them third behind the Conservatives, whilst the SNP appear to fall short of a majority and Greens and Lib Dems score solid gains on 2016. […]

Polling and Projections

Survation, 25th – 26th of February 2021

This poll brings a year-long streak of Independence leads in polling to a close, with a very narrow lead for the Union. It otherwise brings Survation in line with other pollsters in terms of the ordering of parties by vote share, and results in the narrowest SNP majority in some time. […]